Can festival tickets be replaced, refunded or exchanged?

Festival tickets cannot be replaced, refunded or exchanged.

I lost my festival ticket, can I compensate it in any way?

Stolen or lost tickets will neither be replaced nor refunded. Tickets are the responsibility of the buyer.

Is the body and bag search compulsory at the festival entrance?

By purchasing a ticket, participants agree to submit to a thorough search, including emptying your pockets and bags and a full pat-down. Those who do not wish to comply with this will be denied entry and tickets will not be refunded in such cases.

Can I enter and exit the festival area any time I want?

Participants who hold combined tickets or camping + combined tickets can enter and leave the festival area up to 4 times.

If online and box office tickets are sold out, can I buy tickets at the door or from a third party ticket supplier?

Don’t worry, there will be tickets sold at the door. Please don’t buy tickets sold outside the official channels as they may be fake.

Can I enter the festival area without an ID?

The participants are required to keep their Photo ID with them. The organizer and / or the official ticket distributor may require the participant to submit his / her ID for verification upon entering.

Can I display and promote my products at the festival and/or camping area?

It is strictly forbidden to conduct any commercial or promotional activity in the festival and camping area without an official permission of the organizer.

I do not want to appear in a video or audio recording from the festival. What can I do about it?

Images and audio will be recorded by the press during the festival. Anyone who buys a ticket is deemed to have accepted the display.

Can I create myself an alternative area for accommodation if there is no vacancy within the camping area or in the hotels?

Accommodation is forbidden outside of the camping area and the available hotel areas.

What happens if I lose an object of value?

Organiser and the venue are not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Please do not bring any precious items with you.

Are the tickets returned/refunded if a performance that is included in the program does not take place?

The organizer reserves the rights to make changes in the festival program. Possible changes in the program will not be offered for the full or partial refund of the festival ticket.

If I lose my wristband, can I get a new one with my ticket?

Stolen or lost tickets will neither be replaced nor refunded.The participant is responsible to take care of it.

Can I briefly enter the camping area with my combined ticket and say hello to a friend?

Festival-only ticket holders are strictly forbidden from entering the camping area.

Do you take responsibility for any health problems I may encounter within the festival?

Medical emergency teams will be available round-the-clock.

Will there be a Lost & Found Office at the festival?

There won’t be a Lost & Found Office at the festival. Organiser and the venue are not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Please do not bring any precious items with you.

What to bring and what not to bring inside the festival and/or camping area?

It is forbidden to bring any kind of food and beverage in glass, plastic or can, any type of sharp objects, weapons, inflammable liquids or solids such as perfume, deodorants, candles, pesticide, firework, canisters, generators, hi-fi equipments, professional video and photo cameras and weapons inside the festival and camping area. Please keep in mind that large umbrellas and foldable chairs may also not be taken in by security. It is forbidden to engage in promotional activities such as making sales or distributing pamphlets and making the participants try samples within the camping area and its surroundings. It is strictly forbidden to hold any commercial or promotional activities within the grounds without the consent of the organizer.